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Southern California’s Leader for Natural Hormone Pellet Therapy

VIVE® Natural Hormone Pellets, located in Rancho Mirage, is the leading hormone replacement therapy center in Southern California offering BHRT (Bio-Identical Natural Hormone Therapy) pellets. FDA approved and by prescription only, bio-identical VIVE® Natural Hormone Pellets provide an individualized approach to treating the life-changing negative effects of the natural decline in hormone levels men and women experience with age – from persistent fatigue, decreased sex drive, mood swings, insomnia and depression to aches, pains, stiffness, and decreased bone density

VIVE® Natural Hormone Pellets have the same chemical structure as the hormones created naturally in your body.

and muscle mass. The Center, led by Dr. Enrique Jacome, is dedicated to helping men and women enjoy renewed energy, youthful vitality, and better overall health, both physically and emotionally.

When compared to conventional hormone replacement therapy, pellets have been shown to be far superior in treating many of the symptoms of hormone deficiency, without the fluctuations in hormone levels found with the other methods of delivery.


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Dr. Jacome

Natural hormone therapy is proven to be effective. Results vary per individual.
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